Johannes Tiefenthaler Consulting

Specialized in Management Consulting.

Implementing a project spans the entire project. It includes both theoretical and practical considerations, starting with the idea and ending with a feasible concept.
Legal and market perfection requires well-founded analyses and customized concepts.
More than thirty years of experience paired with expertise are your guarantee.
Innovations and workable ideas provide the necessary stability.


The Art of Listening

Only those who have learned to listen carefully are capable of fully understanding their clients’ wishes. Problems and needs are frequently communicated between the lines. A management consultant needs to be conscientious and listen closely in order not to miss anything. The devil is often in the details.

Pros and Cons

Making the Right Decisions

The path to a goal is never straight. Decisions of great impact cannot be avoided. People often despair when facing a variety of options. We weigh up all the possibilities together, and together we find the right balance for your enterprise.


The Magic of Numbers

In the financial world, 2 plus 2 has never equaled 4. Even the most impossible problems can be elegantly solved. What might appear as the simplest of calculations may prove threatening to a company’s existence. Every scenario can, however, be anticipated because “well begun is half done.”


Ideas boost a company.

It’s a far step from a good business idea to a good business plan. The best returns are often used up the quickest. Creativity starts with money. Let’s brainstorm together. Developing concepts is my passion.

Forging Ahead

The early bird catches the worm.

The first one to do something makes the money. Pioneers change the world. We will explore new terrain roped together and face risks head on. Those who are injured will be rescued. Summit photographs will be taken. We’ll go through thick and thin together. JTC is your life-long corporate partner in all business, financial and entrepreneurial matters.




1961: born in Feldkirch, Vorarlberg (Austria); accompanies and coaches entrepreneurs and their enterprises on their way to reaching their targets; financial services expert specialized in the fields of economics and business management; with a background in tax law, tradesmanship, art and psychology.


Master (Magister) of Business Administration; eMBA in Wealth Management;
various further studies, specialized and continuing professional training in the areas of economics, psychology, national and international tax law, auditing, company law, commercial law, accounting, payroll accounting, banking, IT, business management, business strategies, company valuation, etc.;
native language: German; English: fluent;
over 30 years of practical experience in:
banking, trusteeship, accounting, auditing, company development and company downsizing, investment counseling, in management and in own consulting firm.



Johannes Tiefenthaler Consulting


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